Complete high technology motion solutions for your high-performance requirements

Extra-high precision racks
From Licat (Italy) we offer toothing from module 0.79 to 12. Particularly 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 modules are made with special patented Licat extra-high© profile version, equipped with full-fillet tooth base. Such kinds of profiles, which respectively make it possible to obtain contact ratios of around 2 and considerably improve tooth fatigue resistance, are particularly suitable for ensuring smooth, silent and vibration-free motion transmission also under heavy loads.Our type "B" & "C" racks have toothing profiles completely finished by grinding. Teeth accuracy class 5 DIN 3962 with single pitch error 0.0035 mm max. can give the machines a very high level of accuracy and reliability.
Extra-high pinions
Licat also provides toothing pinions for racks with high precision class 6 DIN 3962. We can offer you different designs. One range especially designed for planary reducer applications: dual drive system performance for the machine tools. A complete solution for drive system.
Zero-backlash gearboxes
Licat's gearboxes are made with two output shafts with preloaded spring technology, able to guarantee strong rigidity for heavy duty machinery applications. 2 different product lines: one for light machines equipped with module 4 and 5 or less, and one for heavy and big size machine tools like gantry, boring, big lathe, grinding and cnc machines. Also a new production of planetary reducers for dual-drive applications, equipped with special technology "Extra-high" teeth profile.
Worm and worm wheel
Licat's worm and worm wheel are duplex technology. We can supply 3 different kinds of material for worm wheels, we can also help you choose the best material to suit your conditions.
High precision ball screws
From Zuazo (Spain) we offer special hybrid technology with increased dynamic load for high speed using, we can also steel technology system ball screws, special design for injection mould machines and other field.
Electrical spindles
IBAG (Switzerland) is a leading manufacturer of high frequency motor spindles for the machining and manufacturing industry. With an extensive range of motor spindles, IBAG offers a spindle for all applications.
High-precision hirth coupling
From Tedisa (Spain) we supply high-precision hirth couplings, which can reach indexing precision position of +/-1". Standard couplings till 1200 mm outside diameter, offered as per standard program or to our customers special drawing.
Milling heads, rotary tables and special machines
From VMS (Italy) we provide different kinds of milling heads and rotary tables for the machine tool field. This company has special experience in big sized units and special applications for grinding machines.
High load rotary tables, pallet clampings and changing systems
From IRTS (Spain) we provide wide range of standard rotary tables, high load and hydrostatic rotary tables, build-in rotary tables, customized rotary tables, pallet clamping and changing system for machine tool builders.
Leak-test machines and panels, test benches
From Elfer (Italy) we supply different models of turnkey leak-test machines and leak-test panels, engine test benches, transmission test benches.
Robotic solutions for manufacturing
From Automazioni Industriali (Italy) we provide machine-tending high-performance robot cells developed for the following sectors: automotive-iron and steel-plastics-plumbing and heating.
Machine tool tending robots
We provide robotic cell to load and unload machining centres, automatic loading of workpieces through robotic vision and high operating autonomy unattended.
Transfer Machine tending robots
From Automazioni Industriali (Italy) we provide Robotic cell to load and unload transfer machines, automatic loading of workpieces through robotic vision.
EASY 25 ton Automatic Trimming Press
25 Ton/ 40 Ton robotic cell for metal stamping. High operating autonomy unattended, increased productivity of up to 2200-2300 workpieces/hour.
Metal trimming robot system
A robot system for deburring metal parts with the a bility to deburr parts of various shapes, increased productivity and high quality standards.
We provide robot cell for metal polishing and buffing
Automatic system for the polishing and buffing of metals. Ability to polish workpieces of various shapes, increased productivity, high quality standards.
Forge Tronic 4400
We provide from Automazioni Industriali a breakthrough in the world of metal stamping. A low-maintenance compact machine which affords total motion control.
Work-handling robot cells for the plastics industry
Robot cells tending to moulding presses. They have the ability to unload parts and position inserts, perform assembly control cycles and handle packaging operations.
Robotic systems for die casting
Robotised unloading of die casting presses. Ability to run additional machining operations after unloading and to load inserts in the mould. Maximized productivity, high level of safety.
Work-handling robot cells for specific operations
From Automazioni Industriali we also provide robotic systems to customer specifications in order to handle the most various types of items.
Precision linear slide guides
From Rosa Sistemi we provide roller monoguide MG, linear bearings type GR, precision linear tables type TV, linear bearings type RM/RV, linear bearing type RVA with antifriction material, double raceway rails type GRD, linear bearings type NG, precision linear tables type TR/TRL, MG roller monoguide on horizontal axe.